VST Connect crashing/buggy/laggy

Recently i’ve been using VST Connect within Cubase 8.5 to record a singer who lives elsewhere in the country over the internet.

It’s a great tool, however it’s buggy as hell. Constantly crashes (causing the whole DAW to crash), run into so many audio dropouts, etc, and I spend more time trying to make it work than actually getting work done.

I’m getting a plethora of problems. The biggest one is latency - the performer has their buffer size set to the smallest setting, the audio upstream is lowest it can be. Increasing ‘Remote delay seconds’ on my end doesn’t do anything.

I also get a lot of audio dropouts. All of a sudden the talkback channel will stop working/we won’t be able to hear each other. These seem to happen after any changes are made (new tracks are added, recording is started for the first time).

There’s a lot else that I haven’t even bothered to write.

FYI, i’m using Cubase 8.5 on OSX El Capitan. Before you mention that VST Connect isn’t yet updated for 10.11, I’ve been trying it on Yosemite too and still getting the same problems.

Anyone got any suggestions?