VST Connect Create... does not add Cue (VST Connect)

Hi Forum members,

the VST Connect Forum has no Issue reporting subcategory, so I report it here.

My setup is a Control Room with all 4 Monitors and all 4 Cue sends installed

In case of VST Cloud / VST Connect / Create… the Cue (VST Connect) cue send is not added
because all 4 cue sends are already used. There is no error message, there is no instructions why the performer could not hear a signal
please could you improve the error handling in Cubase?

I needed 1 hour yesterday to find out by myself and this post also needs some time to add it to the forum, even if there is no issue tracker where we could report things like this more effectively.

Open Source software has better approaches, please improve those processes too, you will have less work on the developers end.

Thanks for reading and I am happy for any feedback if you understood my message.

Kind regards,


I can confirm. Reported to Steinberg.

Dear Martin Jirsak

how could I have reported this without 3rd party (you) in this forum and waiting for approval?
in the future I would like to connect to bug tracker like in a modern company
Please ask someone at Yamaha if you are not aware how bug trackers work for customers

you can ask but it’s not going to happen - if you report bugs here then the Devs will definitely see them. VST connect is one of the few areas of Steinberg that is actually responsive.

We are aware of the problem and it has been described (amongst many other useful tips) here:

We are planning to remove the VST Connect Cue and VST Connect Monitor plugins altogether by integrating it, this will take a while but we’re making good progress. Until then, there is not much we can do.

Thank you for an offical statement and update on this


fixed in upcoming version 4.0.44

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