VST Connect - Cubase 8.5 - Crashes Consistently

Hello. I am new to this board but am a long time licensed Cubase user and I have encountered a frustrating issue with this New Cubase 8.5.

I am trying to set up a session via Connect SE (even tried Pro Trial) with an individual out of state. I’m using the VST Cloud menu to automate the set up process. The device settings and monitoring look good. CUE Mix Plugin is activated in the control mixer. On the Performer’s end, he’s getting meter reading… I can also see the Connect SE Input meter move when he speaks. But I can’t hear him. and he can’t hear me. Yet if I hit record his voice is recorded… That’s one issue.

The other more disturbing issue is that if I click on the settings tab to adjust anything cubase crashes… If I remove the plugin Connect, Cubase crashes… If I look at the plugin the wrong way Cubase crashes.

I’ve seen several videos of Connect working on older Cubase versions and thought about going to Cubase 8 but can’t find that download anywhere on my Cubase support page… They only offer 8.5 files (I updated from 7.07).

My mac is running OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.3.

I’ve conducted tests with another computer at my house using a secondary internet modem so I am not on the same network… I still get the same errors and crashing…

Any Help would be greatly appreciated…


Do you have the latest Cubase 8.5.10 and also the VST Connect SE plug-in version, please?

Yes I have the latest 8.5.10 Cubase… I just checked the VST Connect SE Plug-in version and it says: