VST connect default GUI

Hello all,
I am new to cubase 11 and I am currently trialing the pro version of vst connect. From all the examples I have seen the vst connect default window is normally populated with a greyed out mixer payne. However when I create an instance of vst connect the mix window is blank and I get a message Mixer offline despite logging in with my cubase credentials. How can I resolve this issue?

The mixer in the VST Connect Plugin is for remote controlling the Performer applications’ monitor mix. Thus, as long as you are not connected, there is nothing to control or show.
Have your colleague start his (free) Performer application, then you can connect. With the PRO version, you can also hook up a second computer connected to the same local network and connect to that via the LAN button which lits green when both are started.

Wonderful! thanks for your help…