VST connect disconnects frequently


the vst connect was working fine till yesterday. Today when i tried connected to my artist on their vst connect performer. It was just not stable. Every 2 minutes it was getting disconnected.
i am using the latest version that is 4.0.44 and on the other side the performer is also using the same version.
We both have decent speed
studio side being 20 mbps download and 10 mbps upload
artist side the speed was 40 mbps download and 10 mbps upload.

i don’t think the speed would be an issue

sometimes this works very smoothly but sometimes it gives a lot of trouble…

any suggestions???

Not really with so few information. What are the differences when it works and when not?
Also you are perfectly right, speed and bandwith are not of any concern as VST Connect can deal with very low bandwidth - chek upload settings, but I doubt it can even outrun your bandwidth no matter how you set it.
What does matter is the quality of the connection, packet loss, clumpsy WiFi, phone tethering, superflous “security software/virus checkers” etc and most of all, apps running in parallel that use LAN or internet.

thanks for your answer… now it started working with the same performer… but it was not working till yesterday…
i could not find out the answer but this was strange…
2 days back, the connection was getting disconnected automatically and we could not record but today thankful we managed to do a good session.

i have one more issue regarding the talkback not working in cubase 10.5
its working pretty fine in cubase 10.
So, i am not able to use cubase 10.5 for vst connect…

Any solutions???

See reply in your other thread