VST connect for visual feed in ISO room?

Hey all;

Has anyone tried using VST connect to facilitate a visual feed while, say, the band records in one room and the singer records in the control room?

I’m thinking of setting it up so no audio passes through (monitoring taken care of by more traditional means), but only video to facilitate eye contact.

If it makes a difference… And it might… I have VST Connect pro, which allows direct connection to a LAN.

And to notch this one further…

What if, now, a guitarist is in yet another room? I’m guessing having the guitarist see the rest of the band in the live room, but would he/she be able to maintain visual contact with the singer in the control room? There is no functionality for VST connect to communicate with two different sources at the same time, is there?

I was thinking about Skype or Face Time or Google Hangouts, but thought the latency might be problematic. But if someone can connect directly to LAN then it could have more promise.

Any thoughts?