vst connect, friend connect and studio key?

HI All,

Computer 1 = Cubase 10.0.60 + VST Connect SE/PRO 4.0.40
Computer 2 = VST CONNECT PERFORMER 4.0.44

Is it just me or is VST connect to total pain? When I try to connect I keep getting an error telling me to use the same version of vst connect, but I am using the same version.

I’ve spent the last few days trying to work this out and I am starting to feel it’s just a poor peice of software. Is there a straightforward walk-through with setting up connecting to a friend and that explains how the studio key part works? The videos I have seen assume that we can all connect but this as I’ve read seems to be the main issue for a lot of people.



to add

‘‘Sorry, no reply from friend, make sure both sides use the same up-to-date version.’’

This is the message I keep getting.

Hi Joe,

Hint: computer 1 = 4.0.40
computer 2 = 4.0.44
“…make sure…”

Hope this helps.

While it is suggested to have the same version on both ends, 4.0.40 and 4.0.44 should get along together.
The message shown implies that the my Steinberg connection fails; in this case you may also try the ID method.
Latest versions can be found here, along with useful information: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360012899079

Hi Karel,

Thanks for the check, not sure where the 4.0.40 came from, but both installs are .44 so the same

Correction - computer 1 = VST Connect SE/Pro 4.0.44 · Full Installer · 55 MB
Correction - computer 2 = VST Connect Performer 4.0.44 · 23 MB


I should also add, that I am using a VPN for computer 2 as without the pro version you cannot connect 2 computers on the same LAN.

Thanks, I’ve tried that, but I don’t see what I should do with the studio key?



When I try to log in, vst connect SE keeps asking for username and password, even though it’s already there and entered. Cubase also keeps crashing too. Starting to think it’s just best to give up with this software?


so are you trying to connect locally?
ID: do not log in on either end. studio clicks ID button, passes shown number to Performer (mail, phone…) who enters it and clicks connect.


Hi Joe,
From what I read in your posts you may benefit from Steve’s post.
Have a look.

Thanks Karel, was looking for that, now made a bookmark.
There was another great post about how to use the ID method, can somebody point me?

Thanks Karel,

The ID method seems to be the only way to get any kind of reliability.


so are you trying to connect locally?

just use the ID method and get on with recording :slight_smile:. - can’t see why you wouldn’t ?

Thank dr

The reason I wasn’t using the ID method was becasue I didn’t see it clearly exaplained anywhere. The manual for VST connect focuses on logging in using your Steinberg ID. The videos showing VSt connect use also rush over the intial setup/connection stages and omit certain steps.

Furthermore, the ID method is still not reliable for me. Very often I’ll get an error telling me the server cannot connect, yet the two computers connect via a friend request but fail when establishing a full connection with the error that ‘both sides need to use the same up=to-date version’ which they are. 4.0.44 of vst connect performer and the latest Cubase pro 10 and vst connect.

It just seems like a flakey, half-arsed bit of software to me. The errors messages in particular look too general, where I suspect different problems are being lumped together.

Vst connect is unusable for me and I am so glad I never bought a pro udpdate for it.


On another note, vst connect SE on Cubase 10 pro consistently crashes cubase. Seems to always crash when I try to enter the email/password the second time after vst connect asks for it again, even though it’s already been entered. Just a flakey bit of software, an add-on that hasn’t really been given the manhours it needs to sort out the issues.

In terms of setup this Steinberg video, is an example of the problem:


It essentially skips over the log in part, yes we see an email address and password for the log in but not it actually taking place. There is no mention of the ID method. Also, the connecting to a friend part also skips over what is required here. We do not see the progress bar, we do not see how to right-click on the friend and send a request or connect. Overall, it’s very poor.

hi Joe

I’m not saying it’s perfect but VST connect definitely works (for most !) - it’s difficult to debug people’s specific issues as everybody has a slightly different setup.

You say you are using a VPN - I assume that’s to bypass the need for a PRO licence - so you’re making life more complicated there - who knows what problems that is bring to the table. Why not try a 30 day demo of PRO then you can dispense with messing around with a VPN.

Obviously everyone likes to come onto forums like this to vent, and I understand, but if you really want to get this thing working (and there’s nothing else quite as good as this at the moment IMO) then best to post with specific questions or issues and the devs and users will do their best to get you running.

START SIMPLE - ditch the VPN and see what happens.

no better way to put it!

I can also cofirm that i use it in a fully professional envirement! With professional VoiceTalants in VO recoridngs as well as simple music or singing tasks.
So, as DR said, please give us something to work with and let us help you to get thinsgs going!


The “skips over the log in part” is because it is usually quite simple. If you use a VPN to trick the system you shouldn’t have to complain. After more than 10 years of hard work, what do you think it feels like to be offended to not provide sufficient support for this kind of action?