VST Connect - HD Files download

Hello to all VST Connect Pro users!

I currently have version 4.0.44 in Cubase Pro 10.5.20.
During my last session with a performer I wanted to download the HD files in the “Manager” tab of VST Connect…
Cubase crashed completely!

Even after this session is over, EVERY time I switch to the “Manager” tab, Cubase crashes.
All my attempts to “reset” VST Connect or kill the file entries were unsuccessful.
Even uninstalling and reinstalling VST Connect Pro didn’t help.

On July 14th I contacted the Steinberg support with this problem, but no answer so far, probably because of overload.

Maybe someone here in the forum has an idea?
Thanks a lot for that!


I don’t have a proper answer for you - but you definitely won’t get anything useful from Steinberg Support !!! - you’re in the best (only!) place to get help.

This is the same issue that was reported by Alan, I think ?


So it’s not something you are doing wrong (and even if it was it should NEVER cause a crash)

I know there are some improvements coming in a patch…but there is no clue when this will appear.

Crash dump files are always useful as per that other thread.

We are working on several improvements with Get HD, hold the line. Hope to get Q&A slots soon.