VST connect help

Ok, the engineer has Nuendo 10.2.10
I have VST Performer
we both log in and get green lights
we get this error, somebody has an incompatible version
I have Cubase
can anyone help me get this working. Should “I” be the engineer with Cubase. would that make it all work.

can you go to https://connectvst.com/ and download the latest beta version - v4.0.42.240

It’s important that you install the beta on BOTH computers.

The Nuendo engineer wants PLUG and PERFOMER
if you have cubase on your pc you probably should install PLUG and PERFORMER too

No. Do you understand this this is a virtual studio composed of

  1. a Studio control room, that’s VST Connect SE or PRO, and
  2. a recording booth which is VST Connect Performer

The info needed to help you is this:
Version of VST Connect the engineer is using (not the version of Nuendo or Cubase)