VST Connect inside a VPN

We’d like to use VST Connect inside a VPN with the two devices connecting from different places. The important part would be that there shouldn’t be any connection attempt to the outside (like Steinberg Cloud etc.). Would that be possible via the LAN mode?

(I tried to ask the support, but it has been a while without any reaction and the “My Support” link just dumps me on the Steinberg home page :confused: )

If the server/client are on the same subnet I don’t see why not ? I will probably affect performance (latency/cpu)

I’m sure a dev will confirm either way.

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A local connection finds computers in the local network, not accessing any remote internet addresses. So if both sides have started the UI and the Performer finds the LAN button lit, you’re all good and nothing else will go out or come in.

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So there is a ‘broadcast’ going on - and this would need to be able to traverse the VPN

exactly :slight_smile: More precisely, UDP broadcast.

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Indeed this is the case. I tried this before and have just tried it again. As long as they are on the same network one computer can be on the VPN and the other not.

So to simplify, if on the same network - VPN to VPN, VPN to NON VPN, NON VPN to NON VPN should all work.

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But isn’t that the other way around? In my case, the performer and engineer would connect to the VPN from different networks (or LANs, to be more exact) - not sit in the same LAN and connect to different VPNs.

Hello Blip,
If I understand you correctly you’re talking about a VPN connection between two different locations. What you’re asking depends on what “lan mode” in VST Connect is actually looking for. Details -

(For the IT types please accept I’m simplifying here for ease of explanation!)
To a first approximation there are two different VPN types available - transparent layer 2 and layer 3. Most VPNs now are layer 3 with different subnets on each end and the VPN appliance deals with the address translation. A few devices we use, such as our Calrec desks and TSI tally systems, require a true transparent layer 2 which implements the same subnet on each end, a little harder to set up but works fine.

So for VST Connect it depends on whether “lan mode” must use a layer 2 or whether a layer 3 VPN, configured correctly passing UDP, is fine. Perhaps musicullum can comment.



I can only repeat that whatever is blocked, UDP broadcasts need to be enabled, this is how computers in the LAN find each other. To be honest I’m not so experienced with VPNs to know exactly what is possible and what not. A wild google poke reveals this, maybe it helps:

networking - RV042 - how to broadcast UDP through VPN - Server Fault

You can use any other vpn for connection two device from different location. I used Ivacy vpn for this and there support helped me guide me through all the necessary steps required.