VST Connect issue switching on another project.

I’m new to this forum. I have Cubase 9 Pro and I have the following issue with VST Connect:

  • turn on the pc, open Cubase for the first time and start a VST Connect session…everything works great with the performer.
  • then I close the first project, open another one (which can be an empty one or a existing project), start VST Connect and the performer can’t hear the playback. When I press play, both master and studio meter leds don’t move. it’s like VST connect doesn’t receive any signal from the playback.
  • So I restart the PC, load VST Connect and it works again, but everytime just for one time. As soon as I close the “first project” and open another project…blackout!
    Even if I close and re-open Cubase it doesnt works. I think there must be some process that Cubase doesn’t “kills” when swithching from a project to another, even closing and re-opening Cubase.
    Any help?

Thanks in advance.


hm. Are you running the latest Cubase Pro 9.0.20 version? This includes the latest VST Connect SE version. Is your problem still reproducible?

Thank you,