VST Connect issues

I have to get VST connect to work. I have the opportunity to work with some very talented musicians who are remote, but am having no luck. The routing is very confusing. I have talkbalk issues, consistency issues, connectivity issues (minor) and delayed sound. Aside from that, I can see and hear the talent, and their microphones, but my talkback, which was working, is now not working. (no consistency) The project was saved, opened days later and no talkback. Also, the talent complains of hearing delay, and when recording, while they’re on time, I hear a delay as well and it sounds like they’re starting late. I can’t resolve these issues. I have no manual or good guidance from any forum, YouTube video or post, and troubleshooting has to happen in real time with the talent. This is a nightmare. I need to make sense of the plug-in, the control room VST connect assignment, the input for VST connect assignment. Should I be using a cue mix or should I be simply sending the 2 mix?

I bought Cubase because it was unique in this offering and am starting to regret it not only because VST Connect is crap, but the learning curve for someone 25 years in the business has been far too difficult. I digress…
Does anyone have insight on how to conquer this? Documentation? Anyone nice enough or willing to work with me to try and get it working? I’d love to troubleshoot and connect with someone from this forum. This might even be the beginning of a new collaboration. Please let me know.

I’m on Cubase 10 Pro
UA Apollo x8p interface
Mac OSX Mojave

…have you checked the VST Cloud forum?.. hopefully there’s some help!