Vst connect issues

I tried recording a client with Vst connect, and it doesn’t work. The performer keeps getting these weird 8 bit sounds but nothing more. Yes she downloaded the new version of Performer - we know the older version is incompatible with 8. On my studio side it says everything is in sync, but just this awful noise.

Also when I try to remove Vst connect from a project, the Cue plugin in remains. If I close the project and reopen a new one (without vst connect) the cue plugin remains.
If I shut down Cubase and then restart - the Cue Plugin is still there.

The only way to get rid of the plugin is to go to vst connect and delete the vst connect outputs.

Never heard of that. Can you describe this in more detail? You could also try to narrow what causes the noise. For instance, if you disable the cuemix channel in the Control Room Mixer, or set its volume to zero, does the Performer still receive noise?

Yes, this is supposed to work like that (although you could just remove the VST Connect Cuemix plugin from the Control Room). The reason is, that Control Room settings are local to the computer that it runs on. So all changes to the Control Room are not bound to a project, but are global to your specific Studio - well, Control Room :slight_smile: