VST connect licencing

Hey guys, just bought VST connect pro 5 (it is a great module) during the holiday promotion and to my surprise it got installed on the dongle elicencer. I thought all new versions are to use new Steinberg licensing. Did I install wrong way or VST connect is still on the old licensing model? Thanks

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… that’s right. VST Connect still uses the dongle eLicenser.


Is there any roadmap for VST Connect Pro 5 to migrate to Steinberg Licensing?

Yesterday’s release of Absolute 6 means that all my Steinberg software other than VST Connect Pro 5 is now on Steinberg Licensing. I expect that all my HALion instruments and the expansions for other instruments that are yet to migrate will migrate to Steinberg Licensing over the next few weeks. I’m so close to being free not only of my dongle, but the entire eLicenser system.

Is there any hope of VST Connect Pro 5 migrating to Steinberg Licensing in the near future so that I can become eLicenser free?

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Same question :upside_down_face:


We are working on it. Sorry it took so long, not as simple as one might guess.

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Hopefully this migrates sooner than later. My current issue is that my license for the Avid DNxHD is now on Steinberg Licensing, but VST Connect Pro is still on Elicenser, so now VST Connect Pro can’t see my license and I have to make an H.264 for remote work. Pretty annoying.

Sorry to hear that. At least we can confirm that the task is in progress.

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That’s great to hear! I’m waiting for it as well.

is there any place where we can see the migration plan of products and libraries to the new licensing? I also have quite a few libraries that are on the dongle

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Not a plan, or roadmap per se, but it does appear to get updated fairly regularly.

… the release is close …



How close? :face_with_peeking_eye:

It’s there, 1.2, check you Steinberg Download Manager.

1.2 is for VST Live. This is about VST Connect 6 :sweat_smile:


omg sorry. Too much VST Live recently :slight_smile:
afaik it is currently beeing processed already, and should be released soon.


Estimated release is mid July.


That is really good to know - thank you.

I hope to be finally unplugging my USB eLicenser in 3-4 weeks. I have now migrated everything to Steinberg Licensing other than VST Connect Pro 5.5. All the other 31 licences on my eLicensers are legacy licences of some sort:

  • licences that have been upgraded to Steinberg Licensing
  • free licences that have been superseded by Steinberg Licensing licences, and
  • licences that are now only for historic compatibility reasons such as a HALion Sonic SE 3 licence and a HALion 5.x licence (Support used to give HALion 5.x licences to HALion 6 owners to allow them to use certain legacy VST instruments that would not work after upgrading to HALion 6).

Next week maybe :crossed_fingers:

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Today, actually.

I have just installed VST Connect Pro 5.6, switched my licence to Steinberg Licensing using the voucher in My Steinberg and I am finally eLicenser free. I unplugged my USB eLicenser at 09:57 UTC+1 (British Summer Time) today and placed it in the drawer.


At last! I just need to switch to the new license system the Basic FX Suite to be able to remove the dongle. I hope it happens soon!

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