VST Connect not installed correctly???

After having got the new CP9 and loading it, I thought that what I had initially seen was pretty decent!

That was until I tried to run VST Connect Pro!!!

I should have known better because when I tried to create a new VST Connect Pro session I get the following pop up message message!:

Information, VST Connect is not installed correctly. Please re-install!

I have re-loaded the update and still get the message, so I think that its business as normal for VST Connect Pro, which has earned Steinberg money but not me!!!

Can anyone help with this or is VST Connect a costly dead duck??

Jim B


you’ve installed already PRO version 4?

Remind me, please? You are running windows? Close Cubase and please delete your preferences folder and re-start Cubase.
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64

Please also check if PRO Version is installed correctly. After you have re-start the app, check your Plug-In Manager (Menu / Device / Plug-In Manager). Check that “VST Connect PRO” ist installed. Check that PRO is written upper-case. It is version

See you,


Here is my response to your suggestions:

I am running Windows 10 (as it says in my sig!)
I deleted the prefs folder and after rebooting CB9 I actually got VST Connect Pro to work, but only once!!
When I tried a new session, an hour later and after closing down my computer, I got the “VST Connect not installed correctly” message again.
So I trashed my prefs AGAIN, thus loosing all the changes I had made to the appearance of CB9, and again, VST Connect Pro worked…sort of!! Lots of break ups, crackles and such but, hey it was a step forward!!
Came to try another session today and, AGAIN, I had the “VST Connect not installed correctly” message, so AGAIN I trashed my pref folder, and AGAIN I lost all the changes I had made to CB 9 , but this time the performer couldn’t hear the track I wanted him to play to at all??? He could hear my talk back and I could hear his talk back and drums, but that was it!!! I had used (to the best of my knowledge) the same settings that I had to trash, but it was no good.
So on my OP I said that the VST Connect programe was a waste of money and, since your email, I have seen nothing that persuades me otherwise!!
I don’t know how it works in Germany but I’m pretty sure that, if you have to trash prefs EVERTIME you use some software, then that software is NOT ready for public release!!!
Another of your points regarding wether or not the VST Connect PRO is installed, in the plug in manager it shows VST Connect PRO, but in Plug in information (programe plug ins) it says VST Connect Pro???
It also shows that v is being used but it ONLY shows VST Connect Pro checked as active?
So in summary, you ticked me off for double posting, and yet have NOT offered anything like a solution, so I feel that I am perfectly entitled to give you and Steinberg a ticking off!!
I will await a response, but I wont be holding my breath, and I will be warning off any potential purchasers of VST Connect Pro because, as I said in my OP, it is NOT working!!
And if there is not a response by Monday afternoon I will re-post this entire post in the Cubase 9 forum to see if that promotes a reaction!!

Jim B

Same here.

Loading the trial (version 3) and tried it with c9.01 but the error dialog appears after selecting the tb-channel.
Update to 4, but the same error exists.
Deleting the preferences, same error dialog.

Within c8.5 there’s no menu for connect pro, only se.

Thanks for your input Elias1957,

I was beginning to think it was just me!!
And we are on different platforms as well, which is not encouraging as it suggests that there is a fundemental flaw in the update, the question is this:
Is it just the VST Connect software or is the problem deep in Cubase 9?
Lets see how long before we get a response!!

Jim B


I got a rapid, almost immediate, response on Friday because I double posted and was, effectively,told off for being a naughty boy!

But now there are a few of us with this problem, there is only silence??

Anyone at Steinberg want to enlighten us as to how to solve this issue and get VST Connect Pro working?

Jim B


can you please open your “VST Connect SE/PRO” version? Click to the logo - lower, right corner. Which version are you running? Is it If not, please update your version.

Download here

Info : Since version 4 we changed VST Connect SE and PRO to a universal binary. I.e., the VST Connect binary contains both products. The licence will decide which version you can run. So, all VST Connect SE users can download and install version as well.

Please keep us posted if it works for you now.

Version 4.0.17 is already installed. VST Connect SE shows version … 4.0.17.
Pro quits with the message in the subject before the VST Connect window opens.
vstconnect errmsg.png
vstconnect bundle.png
Opening connect pro a second time crashes Cubase. I’ve send the crashlog via support-mail.

Hi Elias1957,

Although I am running Windows 10, that is the same message I get.

The “fix” from Michael this afternoon was a waste of time, so it looks like VST Connect SE & PRO are dead ducks!

I wonder if I could get a refund on my VST Connect PRO DOWNGRADE?

Mods and/ or Devs, please please respond.

Jim B

Hi Jim B. :wink:

For me / us as Cubase Pro Users is VST Connect a great innovation. “My” drummer is not very closed to DAW science and it would be great to give him (and me for respect :wink: ) a chance to place his playing directly into my DAW.

Because my drummer is on Mac too, I can connect to his computer via Facetime and setup his hardware remotely (he’s running Studio One with Behringer UMC).

My very big question is : If my drummer installed VST Connect Performer, how could I a) record his eight outputs AND b) how do we communicate?

On Mac we have a so called “Aggregated Device” which can include any audio device into one. My hope is that I can talk to my drummer via build-in-mic or enclosed mic over my mixing desk.

But first of all … VST Connection Pro must work :wink:

Hi Elias1957,

The simple answer is, when VST Connect Pro used to work it worked well.
As far as your drummer is concerned, all he needs is the performer and all you both need is a lot of patience, because no matter what anyone says, it takes a long time to work out the routing.
I can offer you two tips:

  1. the track you are sending to the performer always needs to be moved further to the right (move all the track’s and extend the locators away from the track at both ends.
  2. make sure your metronome is turned off.
    That’s about the extent of my knowledge because the erratic performance in the past has not enabled me to have any more in depth observations.

Oh and there are about six pages in the VST Connect operation manual that mean anything, so basically to paraphrase NLP , the doing is the learning!

Good luck,

Jim B


Can you please verify that the VST3-Folders …
… does not (!) contain “VST Connect PRO.vst3”. It should only (!) contain “VST Connect.vst3”

And please send me the crash-log to “m.spork (at) steinberg . de”


Hi Jim,

I am really trying to help. If I am sometimes to slow - I can’t check the forum all of the time - please drop me a email “m.spork (at) steinberg . de”.

Could you please also check that there is no “vstconnectpro.dll” left, after updating to version 4? We’ve checked the whole day to find your problem. But it is working for us. There must be a “side effect” which troubles the connect createn process.


I finally got it to load, but when I start pro vst connect, it doesn’t give me a key, but rather asks for friends or member names. And when I boot up VST connect performer on another computer, it asks me for a user name and password. Does that mean the performer must have a Steinberg account? How do I find performers to give keys to?

The manual is still based on version 3. I have version 4

I’ve made some tests but without success :

  • Removing all Plugins (VST/VST3) expect VST Connect.vst3
  • Removing ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 9
  • Starting Cubase (to refresh the preferences)
  • Quit Cubase
  • Install Connect Pro 4.0.17
  • Starting Cubase and open VST Connect SE, which works
  • Quit Cubase
  • Starting Cubase and open VST Connect Pro, this fails

Just only to get clear, opening Pro results in two windows :
connect first window.png
connect second window.png
Nothing else.

So the first question is, which condition(s) aren’t given?

  • Missing item in one of the xmls?
  • Some hardware check failure?
  • ?

The second one :

  • maybe a privileges failure?


Thanx for your tests and help. Question. When it fails to create a project with VST Connect SE, can you please open the Plug-in Manager dialog (Cubase // Menu // Devices // Plug-In Manager) and browse to VST Connect SE? Open the info (lower, left button) of the plug and look to the “Active” entry. Is it ticked?

Another hint: Create an audio-track and add an insert. Browse to the FX-Category “Network”. Is VST Connect SE available?

See you,

To avoid misunderstood :wink:
SE is working except it can’t be removed (grayed menue)

Pro is not working … since I’ve followed your hint.

I’ve insert SE -> it works
I’ve inserted Pro -> it works!
While Pro is up and running I’ve called “Check and repair configuration” and from this point Pro is working while opening from VST Cloud menue which is not working beforehand.

And yes SE / Pro is ticked.

Here’s a screenshot from the plugin manager BEFORE I followed your hint :
vst connect.jpg
And here while pro is working (but not running) :
vst connect pro working.png
As you can see “E/A” and “Latenz” are filled out now.

I’ll now reboot my Mac to see if this situation is stable. I will respond soon.

After rebooting my Mac VST Connect Pro is up and running when calling from VST Cloud menue.
This is great and I can start my experience :wink:

Thx for your hint, Michael!