VST Connect not working with internal sound card

Hi folks!

I can´t establish a connection with a client. He is using his laptop’s internal soundcard because he´s constantly on the road and doesnt like to carry an interface and a mic to just do mockups with me. He rathers just recording on his phone via audio message on whatsapp (which is inconveniente for me as you can imagine).

I had him downloading and installing VST Connect Performer, but now we´re just frustrated because we can´t get a connection on VST Connect, not even with a wired connection to the internet to both computers.

VST Connect’s Manual says: “All that is required on the artist side is a microphone, headphone, and audio interface along with a suitable driver. For a test, even the built-in hardware can be used”

So… why doesnt it work?? We even tried when he was at his house on a stable and private internet connection.

What we´re doing:

  1. Open empty project
  2. VST Cloud > Create VST Connect
  3. Generate code for the artist
  4. Artist runs VSTC Perf, types a name and pastes the code
  5. Error message: “Sorry, connection failed, no reply”

Tried with a steinberg username on both ends, we exchanged friend requests and accepted them on VST connect, but then it gets weirder because we can see each other on the Friends tab, but double clicking to begin a session doesnt do anyting. Nor does right clicking and selecting “connect” ( or whatever the option’s name is… I can´t remember the exact name of the function on the context menu)

A little help here?


First off, connection has absolutely nothing to do with whatever audio interface you are using, so internal soundcard is just fine.
“Sorry, connection failed, no reply” means exactly that, but it is hard to tell why that happens. Usually this occurs when either side installs and activates some restrictive antivirus or other security software, you might try to disable it on both sides.
We don’t even know what systems or software versions you are using. If you are willing to provide either of your user names, we might look up the logs, but that will probably just tell us that attempts to connect are being refused by either side.