VST Connect on MacBook Pro

Hello, gang…

I had been using Cubase on a Windows 10 desktop and recently switched to a MacBook Pro. Setting up seemed easy enough but I have been experiencing something that I can’t reason out and could use some advice.

First, I can connect to the collaborating artist via Performer
I can connect to their Mic and Instr channels
They can hear me and I can hear them.
I can get the VST performer track to record their signal, and then I can play back their signal and they can hear that.
the problem is they can’t hear any of my other audio tracks.

Let’s say I have a song with 5 audio tracks and I want them to perform a 6th track for me. We can talk back and forth, and I can hear their instrument (let’s say a guitar) and we can do a sound check with it. I can record the sound check and play it back for them and they can hear their track. But they can’t her any of the rest of the tracks.

It seems that the only work around I can find is to duplicate the VST Performer track 5 times, move the audio tracks to those new ‘performer tracks’ and then my collaborator can hear all 5 tracks and then play to them.

I am sure it is something I am not doing right in the set up, but if anyone has seen this issue I would appreciate the education in how to make this easier!

Thanks to all for listening to this loooooooong rant.


What Performer hears is the VST Connect Cue Mix. You can either send an independent mix, or the mix that you actually hear (w/o the Performer’s own signal).
Unless you have already done so, use “Create VST Connect”. Then open the Control Room and make sure that there is a “VST Connect” Cue Mix Channel. There, you may switch to “Mix” (instead of “Cue”) and the Performer should hear the mix. When set to “Cue”, you use the “Cue” items in the Cubase Mixer. You may have to enable Cue Display by selecting it in the “Rack” menu. Then you can level each channel for the Performer individually.
More on routing and other VST Connect in-depth can be found at https://connectvst.com

Your suggestion was exactly what I needed. I was able to work with a friend in Fla (I am in Nashville) and it worked perfectly. Thank you for your expertise and assistance!!!