VST Connect Performer 3.0.1 not compatible with Win 7 32 bit

Anyone else experiencing this?

/ M.

Are you sure that you installed the 32 bit version?

From what I can tell there’s only one version?
It seem to install correctly, but upon opening it says not compatible.

Ok, so when installing Performer 3.0.1 on a Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine one have to choose between 32-bit and 64-bit during installation. But when installing on a 32-bit system this dialouge never shows up.



we are really sorry. That’s a bug. We’ll fix the Windows Installer as soon as possible. Do you need the 32 Bit version for your Win7/32 system? It sounds that you have access to a Win7/64 system, too? You could copy/paste the Performer/32 application from the Win7/64 installation to your 32 machine. You just need to replace the *.exe

Something like …

Win7/64 (Performer/32 Bit)
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/VST Connect Performer/VST Connect Performer.exe

C:/Program Files/Steinberg/VST Connect Performer/VST Connect Performer.exe

Just replace it …
… it works for you?


Thanks for sorting it out!


has the installer been fixed yet ?



yes, it has been fixed. But I am not sure when it will be released. You need it? Please send me PM (Private message) and we’ll find a way.

Have a nice day,


Leider gibt es hier auch das Problem, dass die Anwendung nicht auf 32bit läuft.
Die letzte Pro Installation installiert ebenso die 64bit Version. Kopieren von einem Win7 64 bit
wie oben beschrieben, hat auch keine Änderung gebraucht.
Gibt es noch eine Möglichkeit, die Software auf 32bit anzuwenden?



please send me a private message. We’ll find a way.


Hi there - Having the same issue. The suggested workaround in the thread (Install the 32 bit version of VST Connect Performer 3.01 on a 64 bit machine then copy over the 32 bit exe to the actual program installation of VST connect performer on the 32 bit Win 7 pc) does not work for me.

I opened a ticket through the regular support link (yesterday) but nothing back yet.
Was wondering if a link for the corrected installation (apparently not released yet) can be provided, if one exists.

Thx - George

Hi George,

Please send Spork a PM and he may be able to assist you.

Thank you.

Thanks for this thread. I am having the same issue as well. I attempted to PM Spork, but can’t because I have just signed up and have been deemed not active enough yet to PM.

… I’ve send you a PM.

See you,

Dear Michael
could you please send me a PM, too? (Win7/32bit)


… done, check your pm-mails.


Here the same… “Die Version dieser Datei ist nicht mit der ausgeführten Windows-Version kompatibel.”

And I have here the newest Version

What’s going on there? Must connect asap!

Intel PC Core 2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2,66 GHz. (Backup Maschine) with Windows 7.

… please, drop me a private message. Thanx.


Hi Michael,

I have the same problem… no matter what i choose, the 64 bit gets installed
and I can’t send a PM because I’m new to this forum…

please help or send me a link to the real 32 bit vst connect performer… I have a performer waiting… ;-(

… I’ve send you a PM. Check your mails :slight_smile: