VST Connect Performer 5.5 Audio Noise When Initially Opening the Program

I was curious if anyone has had problems using Waves DiGiGrid audio interfaces (IOS / IOX) with VST Connect Performer 5.5. I tried loading it for the first time today and was immediately overwhelmed with loud white noise. The noise goes away when the input is muted.

Regardless of which mic input I choose, including mics in another room with no way for a feedback loop to occur, I still hear the noise. I know both interfaces work in Cubase Pro 11, so I’m curious if this is a bug.

Thanks for your assistance!


we’ve contacted Waves. They cannot reproduce your described problem. And they told me to tell you that you should update to the latest “SG Studio Version 12.4”. Are you running it? Can you please update to it? Any success? It would be very helpful if you could keep us in the loop.

Thank you,

Hi Michael,

I keep my Waves software updated, and it has SG Studio 12.4. The problem happens with any Mic/Line or SPDIF input on either Mic or Instr. I can hear my guitar signal via SG Studio routed through SPDIF and feeding my headphones, but VST Connect Performer doesn’t work and produces noise. The audio configuration is using the Waves SoundGrid ASIO driver with a buffer of 512.

Please note that I am not loading this through Cubase. This is the standalone VST Connect Performer.


Hi Stephen,

could you please drop me a mail? m.spork (at) steinberg.de
I would like to go more into details. We’ll return to that topic if we have localised the problem.

Thank you,

For documentation purposes, this is for the Windows 10 version of the app.