VST Connect Performer crashes on start

(I tried posting this earlier today, not sure if I actually pressed submit because I can’t find my post anywhere)

I bought Cubase Pro specifically to use the VST Connect funcionality for a recording session with a client who normally comes to The Hague with hired vocalist but is in Berlin. Covid, you know the drill.

I installed Cubase Pro, looks good, I invested a day or two in getting to know the program (tutorials, the manuals, etc).

I installed VST Connect Performer on my laptop (Win10 Pro) and it crashes immediately after the warning about data over the internet. I can’t even click okay. Removed the program, downloaded a fresh installer and so on, same story. Tried installing without the ASIO driver, (I have an ASIO driver and device I intent to use), no change, except it tells me I should choose an audio device from the cogwheel.

Tried it on my wife’s laptop, same thing.

Any hints?

… can you give us some more hints? Have you installed the latest version? 4.0.45? Are crash logs available?
Do you see files names VST Connect?

Thank you,

Hi Michael, thank you for your response.

As it turns out, VST Performer flipped over a webcam driver ( lvcod64.dll )

Removing that from the system32 folder solved it.

is that installed by Adobe Premiere? Searching for “lvcod64.dll” indicates that - and that it appears to have issues.