VST Connect Performer for iPad / Update

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VST Connect Performer 3 for iPad is now available in the iTunes iPad app store.

The performer app comes with an new interface and supports with VST Connect SE 3 and VST Connect Pro 3.

Please be aware that the new version does not work with VST Connect Se 2 and VST Connect Pro 2. If you are still on the second version, don’t update the performer app.


Will the iPad app be updated to be compatible with VST connect se 4? (included in Cubase 9)
I have Cubase 9, and have a collaborator that wants to use VST Connect Performer on his iPad, we cannot seem to make a connection.


The iPad Performer version is compatible with VST Connect SE 4

Be sure that you are running the latest version of Cubase : 9.0.10
And don’t mix the connection types: MySteinberg and Id. If you want to connect to a iPad Performer, you need to use the Id connection type.

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I’m using Cubase Pro v9.0.1 - and trying to connect via the ID connection type. It’s gives me an error:
“Sorry, you cannot connect within your local network.”

Is this a restriction of the software?

Local connections are only possible with the Vst Connect PRO version.

OK - so if my computer and iPad were on different networks, it would connect, yes?


Hi there,
Can I find the older version of vst connect performer for iPad 'cause I want to work with vst connect se 2?