VST Connect Performer for Snow Leopard?

I have a macbook pro that came with leopard and it works super fast and reliable that way.
Nowadays, i have installed the last OSX, but i maintain a partition with Leopard.
I want to use SNOW LEOPARD ONLY for VST Connect Performer in my rehearsal room (i have Cubase 8 in my other room)

Is there a version of VST Connect Performer for Snow Leopard?


there is no official support for Snow Leopard. So, the installer of VST Connect Performer won’t let you install to Snow Leopard. If you want to use it on that OS X, you need to install the Performer on a supported system. Now grab the installed Performer (copy, compress, zip, …) and move it to your Leopard.
But don’t forget : no support :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,

PS : Come back and let us know if it is working …

So, i only need to copy the VST Connect Perfomer app, that i have in applications folder (in other OS)? No other files needed?