VST connect performer issue

Having updated to 5.4.40 I have lost video connection. I read the fix was in v 5.4.41 but having updated to that version the issue persists

The 5.4.41 fix is only for SE version, do you use that?
You may have to purge settings.
If the problem persists, we need a lot more details, system, what exactly happens etc.

I deleted the program altogether and went back to 5.4.40 but still no video signal

I am using VST performer connect

That is confusing…where do you have problems, with VST Connect in Cubase or Nuendo, or with the VST Connect Performer application?

With the VST performer connect

The 5.4.41 fix was for the plugin, not for Performer.
We still have way too few information, let me repeat: do you use the SE or PRO version? What is your system, graphics card, camera, what video source is selected in settings, how is Video configured in VST Connect Video (PRO version only), all details help.

hello [musicullum]
I’m new with the vst connect performer and I have this problem I can’t see me or my friend on the screen but I’m sure that my camera is working because the other Apps working but on vst it doesn’t and the funny thing is my friend can see me and him in his screen so my camera is working so why I can’t see me or him on my screen
and every thing else is working perfectly and we recorded very good track
would you please any recomndation

Do you have the latest version? See here:

Yes I’ve downloaded the last one and still have the same problem I’ve done a lot of research and do some stuff with my laptop as well and when I’m trying to open the camera app when the vst connect is running the system gives me a message say the app is running with another app and when I checked it was the vst connect the app is control my cam
And like I told you my friend on the other side can see me on his screen.
Funny haaa
Thank you for your help
If there is new things please send me

Hi musicullum
I still have the same problem with the latest version doesn’t support video but when I used the one before (4.0.45) it’s working but sometimes when I try to contact my friend gives me message (sorry we can’t connect you with your friend you most use the latest version
(((Very important)))
I tried to modify the vst on windows and it gives me three options
When I choice repair start to do some work and then give me message the app need a file nemed
(C:\user\nonnoush\appData\loccal\temp\Rarsfx0\Vst connect performer 5.5.41\VST_connect_perfomer_64bit.msi)
So I thought it’ll help some how
Hany Sultan

Pls download the Steinberg Download Assistent and download and install from there.
Also pls understand that the message is just a hint. As it cannot connect, it obviously can’t find out what version the other side uses, so it puts out that recommendation (“make sure”).