VST connect performer options for technophobe


I had a few questions on setting up VST connect to enable somebody to remote record back to me, I though I’d ask here for real world opinons.

Just looking for suggestions on a good set up for vst connect performer/clients. This needs to work for somebody who doesn’t really get on with computers.

The choices really boil down to an older MAC laptop (which I have lying around) or an ipad.

My questions are:

which would be easier to operate ?
what’s the minimum spec of a laptop for running the client ?
I know that SB suggest 256kb/s as the minimum bandwith requirement but what is the ‘realistic’ minimum ?

I’ve never had much luck with windows laptops running low latency audio apps (too much power saving stuff). Will an older mac have enough grunt to run with low ASIO buffer sizes …is that even relevant with VST connect Performer ?


Several issues…VST Connect is designed for “unexperienced” clients, the Performer app lets the Studio engineer configure almost every setting remotely so that the artist can concentrate entirely on the performance. Once audio interface, mic, and headphones are set you are ready to go.
As for using an older Mac, it probably depends more on the audio interface and its drivers than the laptop, whether one can acheive lower latency or not. Also with direct monitoring - if supported by the interface - that is not so much of a problem either (just mute the Performer Monitor channels of according inputs). The VST Connect Performer app is not demanding on the CPU unless one uses massive plugin action. I’d prefer a laptop over the iPad but your mileage may vary.

sounds great - I’ve bought a cheapish usb audio interface with ASIO drivers and direct monitoring so I’ll give it a go with the laptop

and never underestimate how technophobic some people are, even booting a computer up can be problematic for some :slight_smile: