VST Connect Performer system requirements?

Does anyone know what the System requirements are for the “VST Connect Performer” ?

I can’t find them on the Steinberg site. I understand the Pro version is 64bit but does it matter when remote VST Connect Performer?

I have a remote musician with a Sony Avio VGN-AR51J series laptop which my client reckons is on Win 7 (yes I know but he is remote and not PC savvy) at 32 bit. He has a Scarlet Focusrite 3rd Gen Solo USB Audio Interface.

Would VST Connect Performer work on their system.

Would be really grateful if anyone could give any info on this.

I want to make an isolated musician suffering mental problems happy during the current period

Many Thanks,

64bit vs 32bit is not of concern, rather the two sides should be running versions from the same series. So it should work. <–edit: oops :blush:, see below

If you haven’t already, you should familiarize yourself with the Performer app. You can run it on the same machine Cubase is running on, Use the LAN button to “connect”

When I connect with collaborators who are not tech savvy, I run Teamviewer and remote control their machine to do whatever setup is necessary, including installing the Performer app.

A solid internet connection is vital, Ethernet is preferred over wifi, but wireless connections can work. Going from what you mentioned, it might be important to understand the limitations that arise when the network connection is poor, and set your collaborator’s expectations accordingly.

It does not have to do with connection speed, but with the more nebulous “connection quality.” If you have lots of syncing errors, and have tried whatever connections are available, a different tool, like VST Transit might be more appropriate, since it doesn’t rely as much on the real-time aspect.

“You can run it on the same machine Cubase is running on” - but not concurrently (not at the same time).
For LAN connection you need two computers, one running Cubase or Nuendo with VST Connect, the other running VST Connect Performer. Connect both to your local network, then use the LAN button as steve describes in detail - thanks again for that!

oh and no, Performer will not run under 32 bit systems. Windows 7 is not officially supported for VST Connect Performer. While it will probably work with WIn7 64 bit nevertheless, it will not run if it is still 32 bit.

Oh, sorry. Did posting, then coffee. Should have done that in reverse!

Thank you very much everybody. I do actually have a Lan system using two pc’s which I use to test on. But this info will really hopefully help me sort my fellow out.
Thanks again

…also the performer PC/mac can be pretty low spec :slight_smile: