VST Connect Performer

I can’t quite wrap my head around this. I’m hoping someone can help.

My brother and I both have UR824s. When I connect to his computer, the “Mastr” channel, which i understand is his send, has the option of “Stereo 1+2”, “Mix 1 L”, “Mix 1R”, “Stereo 3+4”, etc. The thing is he can’t hear me when its set to “stereo 1+2”, but he can hear me if I set it to “Mix L”, but of course that’s only one channel.

Additionally, oddly enough the input channels have the same confusing nomenclature. “Stereo 1+2”, or “UR824 Analog in 1”.

What the heck is “Stereo 1+2”, why is it on both the output and the input? How can I get my brother to hear me in stereo instead of relying on “Mix 1 L”?

Thanks in advance!

The names displayed in the channels are those provided by the audio hardware and driver. Usually, “Stereo 1+2” is the stereo port of “Mix L” and “Mix R” mono channels combined. If either of those work and are listed right below “Mix L” and “Mix R”, it should just work. The same is true for inputs, these are the names provided by the audio hardware. It also depends on what platform you are on (Mac, PC) and wether you use the provided driver or some abstraction like “ASIO4All” on the PC.

Thanks for the reply. We’re using the Yamaha driver for the UR824.

your response is what I figured, but for some reason he cannot hear me when I use the “Stereo 1+2”, but he can hear me when I use “Mix 1 L”.


can’t check that here. Maybe “Mix L” etc are below “Stereo 3+4”? Again, usually the enumeration is “Stereo something” followed by “Left some” and “Right some”, so a stereo pair followed by 2 monos. Thus, whatever stereo is above “Mix L” should work, no? That would be strange.