VST Connect Pro 3.0.100 maintenance update

Hi all,

The VST Connect Pro 3.0.100 maintenance update is now available:


Changes and improvements:

OS X 10.11 Support
VST Connect Pro 3.0.100 now supports Mac OS X 10.11.

VST Cloud menu
VST Connect Pro has been moved from the “Project” menu item to the “VST Cloud” menu item in Cubase 8.5.

I am using this current update. Much much better! The only thing that I am having trouble with is-if I decide to disable another track to fee up processor, etc–it will make the connection on the Performer side go crazy. We always have to re-connect. It’s a pain. Again, I can’t imagine a long-distance drummer with an entire kit waiting to be recorded-to deal with this kind of thing. Ideas?

Both connections are hard-wired and very fast speed.

I tried this a hundred times (admittedly with a new version that we prepare), but could not find any failure. How exactly do you proceed to get to such problems?

Thanks for responding! I simply decide during a session to add a new VST track. When I do-everything locks up on the Performer side. I always have to reconnect, which just takes time and pisses us both off. We have a solid connection on both ends–hard wired to TWC. I am just using VST to teach music lessons from a distance, which is working well for the most part. I record whatever song I want to teach man student to play beforehand, and when we hook up I simple play along with what I already recorded myself. The student just sees me on camera and it appears to him that I am actually performing. Then he plays along from his end and I record him. I have many youtube of it. Here’s one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CqF8LyRz8U

Cool stuff - and thanks for advertising yet another way to use VST Connect :slight_smile:
So - you add an Instrument track? Or what you mean by “add a new VST track”?
How exactly do you add that track - right click in arranger and add track? Or do you add an audio track using “Add Performer Track”?
Prior you said it disconnects when you disable a track - what kind of track?
Pls. let us know exactly what you do so we can try to reproduce.
Thanks for your help!

I think it’s quite a good tool for this. I had to do my on thing with it-but hey, that’s what it’s about anyway, right? :slight_smile:

So, when I add a new track it’s just added with the “add performer track” from the VST dropdown menu. Sometimes I just want a separate new take on things, you know?

Two things:

  1. When I just add a track-like above–it usually always starts getting “performer errors” and I have to quit and relaunch, etc.
  2. If I actually hit “disable track” on the first pass to free up resources, etc–it always starts with the “performer errors” stuff again as well. Quit, reconnect, etc…

Suggestion-unrelated. I suggest you make it to where if someone steps up like me and buys the VST Connect PRO—the VST Connect SE completely goes away. It has been an issue in the past that the SE version can be run ing at the same time, which is not a good thing. make sense?

Another suggestion-unrelated. I use the guitar tab function to print midi generated scores of–say a bass part to learn for one of my students. There is no way apparently to make the tablature use the positions I desire, instead of the default ones. In other words-if I want my student to play a “D” note on the 5th fret of the A string instead of the open “D”—it won’t let me, to my knowledge. This would be a HUGE tool for me to have, if it worked. I do realize most of your users aren’t trying to use CB for teaching–but I am, so hopefully it would be important to steinberg. I am just starting up a recording class here in Southport, NC–and all my class is going to be equipped with CB Pro 8.5…no Pro Tools here–so I love and support CB. Brunswick Community College.

Also, here is a video of the tab that I’ve posted for my student. I have slowed down (via beat detection) the song “Mayor Of Simpleton”, and added a midi bass part of the entire bass line–slowed down. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help and interest.

Jamie Hoover

Sure, that’s why it’s there in the first place :slight_smile:

But that’s the thing, this is a core function and of course we tested this many times. So if you have problems it must be specific to your project or routing, plugins etc.
Thus, once more, can you check to create an empty project, then “Create VST Connect” and nothing eslse - do you still have problems adding or disabling tracks?

Some users use different versions deliberately so we can’t just remove one.
But there can not be more than one active VST Connect plugin anyway, it will warn you and not instanciate another one if you try, so I wonder how you think there have been issues like that?

Sorry, pls suggest this elsewhere, we can only deal with VST Connect here.

Thanks for the suggestions. I understand about the topic. Maybe you could forward it to the right people.

Thanks again!

Jamie Hoover


Last question. I am down to a Verizon hot spot to work with for a period of time now. If my downloads are only 33.21 mbps and my upload is only 6.12 mbps–will this even work? I know it’s not optimum-or recommended…trying to figure if I need to cancel my session tomorrow…

Tag and thanks,

Jamie Hoover

That should suffice. You can set upstream rates down to a theoretical minimum of 256 kBit. That doesn’t guarantee a good connection though, as there are many other factors. But if you get provided these numbers, there should be no problems at all with bandwidth issues.

Yay…! Some XTC… :smiley: One of my favourite bands; watched them rehearse ‘Generals and Majors’ at a studio/rehearsal room (Tudor Studios) in Swindon once - what a treat; Andy and Colin were having a ball… great (seriously good) players all of them, much fun… :mrgreen:

Anyway, back on topic - did you get to try as musicullum suggested with a clean, empty project, launching VSTConnect and then adding/disabling tracks…? Was it still failing the connection…?

Seems a shame after the willingness to help/respond to your plight, its like the line sort of went dead (s’cuse the pun.!)… I’m curious what the outcome was…

(Also, hope its helpful, but here’s the specific place to post your ‘Feature Requests’ for Cubase (good ideas BTW):- https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=228 - I get the impression that musicullum is not located in the same Steinberg HQ building as everyone else; just guessing… :slight_smile: )

Good luck.!


Hey! Sorry to be so slow in responding! Life’s just coming at me here. :slight_smile: Glad you dug the XTC tune! They are my ALLtime fave! I will try your suggestion and see what happens and repost here. Have great holidays!


Oh yeah-and by the way-I had good connections on my last attempt to use VST-but my “Monitoring” section on the VST GUI usually never is highlightable or functioning. It still works, but it would be nice if it was available in case I need to make an adjustment, etc.

The reason I use the same session each time-is that I have a lot of songs I’ve taught my student-and I like to be able to get to all of them-so I can switch gears quickly and play a different song I I want to. Make sense? I always disable tracks I am not using.


So, once again for clarity - in the brand new empty project, you added some tracks, then you launched VSTConnect and hooked up with your friend successfully. Then you went and tried adding or disabling some tracks, as per your original complaint, and all was now ok…? No ‘performer errors stuff’…? What happens now if you were to go back to your ‘working’ project - the problems with ‘performer error’ return…?

Forgive me, just trying to really narrow things down… :wink:

Secondly, the problem with monitoring maybe deserves a thread of its own…? :slight_smile:

Good luck,

Actually no-I didn’t open a new project. I just used the same one I’ve been using–mostly because I have a number of songs up there that I need “at the ready” for my student, in case we need to go over other tunes, etc. I do see what you mean though—as far as that removing variables…

For the record though, I did not have “performer errors” last two times (every Wednesday). I still don’t have the “monitoring” available…so again, you are probably right. New thread. I just figured, since I was already here on the VST section…

Thanks again!

Ah, good… hope you get sorted with that monitoring issue.

BTW, sounds really good what you’re doing, teaching your students using VST Connect to achieve that… going to check out your other videos…!


Thanks Bob! Actually I am still having the “monitoring” section issues. As you suggested I went ahead and reposted it as a new topic. We’ll see…:slight_smile:

Thanks for checking out my teaching videos! It’s actually working just fine for the several folks I do it with-my main one of which is fairly “computer challenged”, and it still works for him just fine. We had “speed” issues to sort through and still occasionally have to “go back out and then back in” as far as connection, especially if we stop recording and talk for a bit. Not really sure why. It does take patience on both ends–but hey-we’re both old dudes…:slight_smile:

As far as I know-I may be the only person using Cubase VST Connect in this fashion. Once you get past the preparation idea though-it works just fine.



Jamie Hoover