VST Connect Pro 3.0.40 maintenance update

We’ve just released a maintenance update for our remote recording solution, VST Connect Pro.

Update version 3.0.40 includes the client application, VST Connect Performer, and is now freely available as download for Mac computers and PCs. The detailed overview of improvements is to be found in the Version History file on the Download page.

The following issues that have been resolved in this version.

    • PERFORMANCE: The performance with large projects in Cubase or Nuendo during VST Connect sessions has been improved.
  • FILE TRANSER: “Get Local Files” now works as expected.
  • GENERAL: An issue with readability in message box has been fixed.
  • GENERAL: An issue that appeared with the 32-bit version of VST Connect Performer has been fixed.
  • MIDI: An issue with transmitting MTC (only available for VST Connect Pro) has been fixed.
  • MIDI: An issue with the MIDI activity LED has been fixed.

Download VST Connect Pro 3.0.40