VST Connect Pro 3 and Nuendo 6.5.4 not working at all

Okay, I have installed Nuendo and activated a trial of VST Connect Pro 3.01.
The promised menu does not show up, it just is not where it is in the demo video on the Steinberg page.
So I tried to go the manual way that was described for version 2 and as soon as I insert the VST Connect PRO insert into an input channel I get a crash that sends Nuendo into a void that needs to be forced to quit.

I’m on 10.9.5. OS X

Does this not work at all?



Oh, sorry. We missed that one. Again, we are really sorry for that. A fix is already done, but it takes a bit before it goes online. Meanwhile … can you send me a PM (private message)? We’ll have a workaround for you.


Hi there,

I’m missing the VSTConnect menu as well under N 6.5.40. I posted some more details in this post:
Nuendo 6.5 VST Connect Menu Missing


Hi all,

we have uploaded a new version of VST Connect Pro 3 that will fix the issue with Nuendo 6.5.40.

You can find the new installers here:

Sorry for the inconvenience.