VST Connect Pro 3 Editor confusion

Cubase 8.0.10 & VST Connect Pro 3.0.2 (version number via user interface is not updated but uninstall shows 3.0.2)

The Image on Page 9 of the VST Connect Pro Document Shows the Extended mixer icon lit but the interface being shown is the main. this is in error

Sometimes when I go to the VST Connect Pro 3 Extended mixer the record & monitoring controls are absent and upon switching back to the main the recording and monitoring controls have become ghosted. The interface seems to have hung.

I can correct this by exiting the interface and restarting it (NOT Deactivating the the VST Connect Pro 3 insert), but it still a bug

The labeled TALKBACK/CUE “TO PERF” volume knob can be misleading as it seems to have nothing to do with CUE volume, but only TALKBACK

The MONITOR PERF volume knob (next to the TALKBACK/CUE “TO PERF” knob) is covered on what page of the VST Connect Pro 3 document? relevance to VST Connect Monitor plugin? no. performer monitor mix? no. Tied to control room Monitors? yes.

any question of why there is confusion? Who’s creativity is being applied here? :confused: