VST Connect Pro 3 HD File Transfer Issues

So we got through a successful night of tracking with a finished final track and a bunch of files all without a single crash, system worked great. We began our HD file transfer and immediately Cubase crashed. I restarted the system and began the HD transfer upload process. I’ve check Media Bay and all of the track files are there.

The issue is that Connect Pro 3 puts the files overlapping on the Performer track in a single lane instead of placing them in separate lanes. And it mixes everything up so who knows what was the preferred take…this is VERY frustrating. It also drops some of the files from the track. Now I have to reassemble the takes on a new track and guess at what was the final edit when creating a new one.

The mishandling of files is a HUGE issue. So what does the knowledge base have to say about their experience; what’s the workaround? How do we create some order out of this once we have some useful tracks? Why does Cubase continue to crash on this app?

Oh and for the developers have you considered doing HD transfers in the background while running a session; this should be relatively easy to implement and save the operator hours of wasted time waiting for tracking files to transfer at the end of a session. Maybe put an option toggle to make it automatic or manual request under preferences.

A work around for the users of this feature.

  1. Clean your tracks as you are tracking. Dump any lanes you are not going to use. Two reasons for this:A: You won’t get nasty overlapping takes in a single lane when it’s finally transferred. This can cause you to lose the chosen takes and edits that you’ve created during your session; it becomes a mess. B: The transfer time for uploading files will be greatly reduced.

  2. (very important) Clean up your edits BEFORE you initiate the HD file transfer. Don’t overlap edits/cuts so that one lane overlaps the next lane… make clean cuts. This pays back in spades when you do the transfer.

  3. Now do your HD transfer. The system will still import all of the files onto one lane, which is messy BUT having cleaned your unused lanes and finalized your rough cuts, the ends will line up nicely. You won’t have to go through the exercise of rebuilding your track.

It’d be great if Connect Pro loaded the files into separate lanes… When it records from the Performer, separate lanes are created so why can’t you just leave the file in the lane alone and just replace it with the edits in place? But at least you do track the edits in place.

Not quite sure what you mean by that.

Again I don’t know what you mean by that.
It makes no sense to transfer automatically after each recording, because you may want to skip that take anyways.
Once “Get HD Files” is initiated, it does work in the background. Alternatively, one can transfer the files by other method (DropBox etc) and use “Get Local HD Files”.
We do multiple recordings, drop in/out and even editing of Performer takes and Get HD Files works as expected. We would have to know how exactly you work. I guess you might run into problems when you get into heavy lane editing or the like, although even that should work as long as no new edits are produced (like applying process like pitch shift etc to such recordings), which you should do after Get HD.