VST Connect Pro 3 - New user - List of issues

Hi guys,

I’m a new user of VST Connect Pro 3.0.40. So far it’s all worked well and besides some rookie troubles it’s all working well. I have of course read the manual in depth and tested VST Connect Pro 3 both with an “out-of-the-box” approach (open an empty session, open VST Connect Pro and work from there) and with more advanced sessions using my own plugins, changing settings etc.

It’s all worked well but I still have a couple of issues I can’t fix, so I wonder if maybe somebody could give me an idea of how I could solve them:

  1. The manual contradicts itself: some pages say that I should set the performer track to Monitor (pages 10, 11, 18) but then page 28 says I shouldn’t use the Monitor button but listen to the performer (chat and performance) through the VST Connect Monitor Plugin? What is this plugin, how do I see it and how do I use it? So far I’ve only succeeded at hearing the artist (whether chatting or performing) by turning on Monitoring on the Performer Track.

  2. I have another problem that I assume must be related to point 1: I can record in one performer track and listen to it by setting the Performer Track to monitoring, and everything sounds in sync. No problem there. I can also move the recording of that performance to another audio or Performer track and it plays in sync, all good so far. But when I record another take of the same thing, just to get a vocal dub of the first performance, I hear a very big delay that makes it impossible for me to properly monitor that take. This is only monitoring, because if I then play the two takes at the same time they are perfectly synced with each other and the music. So it’s only my monitoring the second take (dub) being recorded that has a delay. I also tested this from the performer side and the performer experience is flawless, no delays there, it’s only the producer side getting the dub delay. Can you help?

  3. I still haven’t got any plugins to open on the Performer app. I’m testing with Fabfilter and Waves plugins. Both packages are installed on my computer and on the performer’s computer and validated without a problem, they appear on the list in Performer and everything, but every time I try to open one of them the Performer app crashes or hangs and the producer side pretty much hangs too. Is this feature supposed to be working perfectly or expected to fail still and be perfected at a later version? Btw, I’m talking about 64 bit plugins, so no bridging or anything, they work perfectly for both of us on Logic X and Cubase 8 so there shouldn’t be any problem.

  4. I’m experiencing a problem on my end of the application (the performer’s works well). The problem is that the monitoring tracks (or the mixer tracks if I open them through their button) don’t redraw correctly. Sometimes they start looking greyed out even though they are working on the performer’s side. Sometimes they redraw and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the labels (MASTER, STDIO, MIC etc) are missing. The plugin seems to work well regardless, but the redrawing on my end is usually buggy. Also, sometimes the settings I set on my side are not reflected on the performer’s end, like for instance I can turn on or off reverb, compression, etc and it doesn’t change on the performer’s end. Or if it does change I cannot see it (this is when I test the program with several computers from the producer and performer’s end).

Any help appreciated :smiley:

Best, Hugo

There have been some changes which may cause confusion, sorry for that.
never set a Performer Track to Input Monitor. You will hear the Performer at all times thru the VST Connect Monitor plugin which resides at the very end of the output chain. You can see it with the Control Room at the bottom of the Master Output.

Right, just never use monitoring on a Performer Track. You should always hear the Performer as said. You can drop in sample-accurately like you are used to at all times too, which is a unique feature. You can just not hear effects on the Studio side while recording.

We haven’t tested each and every plugin. We will look at those you mentioned, thanks for the hint. What is your OS Version?

These problems usually occur when the connection is shaky. If no mixer channels are shown, this can usually be fixed by re-opening the plugin editor (window). “Half-baked” settings of the Performer side are often an indication for a more or less slightly unstable connection (try to re-connect and see if that improves the situation). On the other hand as you don’t mention any audio problems this seems a bit odd.

Hope that helps.