VST Connect Pro 3 - quirky and crash to exit


VST Connect Pro 3 - quirky and crash on close everytime … i have been waiting for this to Mature … it has but still is quirky and when you close the Program it acts like it crashed - ignore, report, reopen … and Cubase Pro 8 does the same thing everytime i close the program right now … i am going to try a VST connect session tomorrow … it took me several HOURS to get this to work properly testing over a LAN so who knows once it leaves the building port wise …

and crashes - if a plugin is in the VST folder but you do NOT have an iLok or waves or whatever, it crashes without warning, or gets hung up and crashes … so i have to move all my iLOk VST’s out of the folders to test here - PITA guys … ignore the plugins you cannot use them anyway … just VST instruments … odd behavior …

also: sometimes the Controls for Master / Studio / VST are grayed out on the Engineer’s end … Why is that ???

How do you close these programs without this dialog box coming up that makes you think it really crashed and you lost all your recent files …

i am coming over from pro tools 11 (have used Nuendo off and on since version 1) … and VST connect is a big part of why i have moved over … not to mention some other things …

thank you for you help … john


sorry about your problems. Let us try to fix them.

You’ll receive a crash.log when Cubase is crashing. Can you please copy/paste the content of the crash-log and send it to me? Please send it as a PM (private message).

Are you talking about Cubase or the VST Connect Performer app?

Is the Engineer working with VST Connect PRO or VST Connect SE? The problem should be fixed with PRO. A SE update is coming soon.

Cubase should close without any problems. But if a crash occurs, you’ll end in the crash-log scenario. If you receive crash-logs, please send them to me.

That’s great to hear. Let’s try to remove the problems, so you can enjoy Cubase and VST Connect.

Thank you,

hi michael, let me say thank you for the quick reply. i am running the VST pro trial before i purchase - want to make sure it is solid …

  1. i assume that the Report will give me the crash log ?? if not can you please tell me where to find this crash log on a Mac …

  2. both CP8 and VST Pro behave like this …if there is a non authorized in the (say your iok was not plugged in at the moment) VST plugin in the VST or VST3 folders then each program will just crash until those plugin’s are moved out of those folders …

  3. i am the engineer (testing using LAN)and am using VST pro trial

  4. i will send crash logs once i know where to find them

  5. yes, would love to get this happening during the 10 day trial (9 days left now) so i can make an educated purchase

i hope the trial is not doing anything odd …

also: it would be nice if we could save a Setup in the Performer Application - setting up a VST instrument for midi has to be re-done each time you open …

this is exciting - i will test with a friend out side my LAN today … hopefully no port forwarding issues …

cheers john

VST pro … also: a big issue is that the Performer Application wants to open in 44.1 on my macbook pro and i run all sessions at 24/96 … the default seems to be 44.1 … is there a way to stop this from happening ??

Continuous Sample Rate Mis-match … using the Built-in mac core audio you can set it to 96 but it will just go back to 44.1 …

this is going to be an issue i can see with other sample rates … i work at 24/96 … my piano payer works at 24/48 … and this seems to want to default to 44.1 …

hope we can sort this lot out .


sorry for the barrage but my mind it thinking and i have the program open …

  1. if i follow this correctly the workflow is Both Ends of the Connection need to be 44.1 ?? is this correct ??

  2. default of 44.1 … is there a way to change this ?? core audio will do 96k …

  3. this would mean a lot of work to create say, a 24/48 VST session for every project (song) i am working on ??

  4. the midi does work … i am able to get the midi recorded in Cp8 just fine … and able to use VST instrument in Performer …

  5. if just doing a midi session - is there a way to ignore the sample rate ??

cheers john


Yes, when Cubase is crashing, you’ll receive a crash log.
Or, you can find all of your crash logs here

VST Connect PRO ist not responsible for those crashes. Cubase is the one. You are running Cubase 8.0.10? Which of your plug-In needs the iLok? We’ll try to reproduce it.

Hm, it is working fine for me. Question: Which version of the performer are you working with? To find out, do a click to the “VST Connect Performer” logo in the lower, right corner. You’ll will see the About-Page. There, you see the version.


No, you can run any sample rate. Of course, your audio device has to support it. But both sides need to run the same rate. But this should be handled by VST Connect.

Yes, the default sample rate is 44.1 kHz. But when a connection occurs and the engineer is running 96 kHz, the Performer will change it to that one, too. It sounds that you are working with an older Performer application? It should be 3.0.30

Nah … you should not have to do that.


No, VST Connect needs the sample rate. So, which version of the Performer are you working with?
You can download the latest one here (3.0.30)
Download VST Connect Performer / Mac

Have a nice day,

crash logs from macbook pro.zip (426 KB)

  1. crash log … see Zip files for macbook pro

  2. VST Performer (i was calling the performer app Pro as well -sorry my bad)

You are running Cubase 8.0.10? yes …

Which of your plug-In needs the iLok? We’ll try to reproduce it. xPand!2, SSL Dunende for example BUT this happens with any plugin that is in the VST or VST3 folders that is Authorized by an iLok that is NOT plugged into the computer …

  1. my Performer version is from the 3.02 installer (it installs - you say “Performer application? It should be 3.0.30” thank you for the link … BUT see the pics … this installs same as i have …
    VST performer install 3.03 is actually

  2. Sample Rate: i understand they both need to be the same … issue is i work at 24/96 and my piano player is at 24/48 so i need to change my session over to 24/48 to work directly with her … yes, she needs to upgrade her Mbox but piano is more important to her than technology …

  3. “this would mean a lot of work to create say, a 24/48 VST session for every project (song) i am working on ??
    Nah … you should not have to do that.” How would i do that ???

    Note: saturday i asked a piano played friend to help me set this up so i was getting out of my LAN and into the Real World … we had some real rough patches but once i moved to a computer (macpro 2012 6core 3.33ghz 24gb ram all SSD drives)) without a camera things went much smoother (i could still see her) … my (macbook pro 2014 4core 2.5ghz 16gb ram) was having some video issues but could have just been the internet connection at the time … both are wireless internet but will be using Hardwired Ethernet for my end when doing it for real … the midid worked fine i recorded it

thank you again for your help … john


Pelase visit the iLok Homepage and install their latest Driver/Manager. If your problems are still there, please let me know.

Ah, sorry. My mistake. 3.0.30 will be the next update. is the correct one. Can you please contact me (private message) and give me your e-mail address? Thanx!

See you,

Dear Michael,

Is there a chance I could e-mail you regarding the new, unreleased version of VST Connect? I tried to PM you, but unfortunately I’m new at the forum and so I’m not authorised to write PM’s yet.
It’s regarding that VST Connect 32 bit installation issue on a 32 bit Windows 7. My client can’t install it on his machine. Things work great on my side (64bit Windows 7, Cubase 8.0.10 Pro).


Hi Max,

I have sent you a private message. Let me know if you received it.


hi michael, well, my demo ran out before we could suss this out, so i am not troubleshooting anymore … I would like to know that this product is going to be working consistently before i purchase … i will be needing it very soon … again, thank you john

hi michael, btw: march 31st is the last time we had any communication … it is now Apr 13th … almost the entire time of the Demo has been waiting for a reply … sorry to say that but it is true … I feel through the cracks … :wink: john

Hi john1192,

I think the modern world (mail, forum, …) has lost us. Sorry, I’ll send you a private message to get with you in mail contact.

See you soon,

Hello all,

I’m using the latest VST Connect Pro with Cubase 10 Pro (also latest version). I’m having a similar issue with Cubase crashing. It happens when I stop the recording of VST Connect session (with someone from another location). Cubase just closes without any warning or error message, when I try to open the session back up, the recorded audio from the remote musician is gone. Any ideas?

Thank you,

best start a new thread rather than reply to a 5 year old one !

you haven’t really given much information (OS/exact version of VSTconnect PRo etc etc

There should also be a Cubase crash log, pls send it along.

Thanks everyone. I figured out the issue. There was a glitch in Cubase 10. The latest update resolved the issue.