VST Connect Pro 3

Hi Guys,

I just pulled the trigger on Cubase Pro 8 after years of messing around with other apps (mainly Logic). I resisted the update to Logic Pro X as I just felt I wasnt really upgrading. I was tempted by Studio One Pro but VST Connect was the deciding factor.

To that end, who has used VST Connect and what tips can you offer? I mainly want to record guitar or vocals from afar. What setups have been successful and how practical is it to use with people who are more musician than engineer?




It’s perfect for the people, whose are more musicians than wngineers. Yous, as an engineer can setup everything for them from Cubase. You will just provide him the specific Key, and that’s it. Obnce you are connect, you can setup his inputs, Buffer Size, Monitoring volume, data transmition speed, etc. He will see, what you are doing. And he can control it too, of course.

The only one settings, he has to do on his site, is the Gain settings on the preamp, and Phantom pover On (if necessarz) of course. You can’t control his hardware on this level.

Sounds great. I’m excited to give it a try. Cubase Pro 8 arrives today via courier…

VST Connect Pro was updated to the 3.0.40 version, yesterday. :wink:

Where are we able to find the update log?

On the VST Connect Pro download page, here.

Hey, it recognises plugins now…yay!!