vst connect pro 4 - how exclude performers talkback mic from recording?

everrything well set. performer hears my playback and can record - but his talkback mic signal is always recorded along with his guitar (two channels at his interface, one mic, one guitear)…even when muting talkback, his mic channel etc…on the masters side. Question: how to not record his talkback mic signal (thats in need for Talkback and communication) and only his guitar? whats wrong?

Nothing is wrong.
As you have a PRO version, simply record enable the guitar channel (in the “RECORDING” section above the Performer Monitor Mixer) and use “Get HD Files” after recording. This will create a new mono track with the full resolution Performer recording. You may then choose to delete the stereo track.
The signal recorded in realtime is always stereo. Alternatively, you may hard pan the two channels left/right (again, in the RECORD section) and split the stereo file after recording, this can also be done with the SE version.

Great, Thanks. so far i found out to just level the mic input to zero while recording and put it up again later, but of course this is the simple answer that did not come to my mind. Take care and all the best!