VST Connect Pro 4 multi-tracking - where the files at??

I have VST Connect Pro 4 and I am getting acquainted with how it works. I recently had a test session with a musician 1600 miles away. For our test, he had a 2 mic setup for his drums. The Performer track set up on my end resulted in a single stereo recording. It is my understanding that when multi-tracking with VST Connect Pro, the performer’s files are saved on the performer’s computer. Can someone tell me the default location for where the files save to? Does the file destination change depending on whether you are using Mac vs PC? With thanks.

you have to record enable individual tracks if you want them to be recorded individually in HD. Can’t acess my computer currently but on Windows they should be found in the documents folder/VST Connect Performer (should be somewhat similar for osx). In there are folders with the cubase Project name which contain the audio files. If you don’t want to use the built-in function to transfer files and have them integrated in cubase (it creates groups and folders for individual channels), you may also transfer with other methods and load them from a local folder. First is “Get HD Files” and second “Get local HD files” in the manager. Make sure to transfer the entire folder as it also contains files to tell VST Connect where to put files.

I appreciate the reply and info - I found the files. When you say you have to record enable individual tracks, with VST Connect Pro, are you referring to adding tracks in Cubase on the host side and record enabling or is this done on the performer side through the Performer app?

on the studio side, in the VST Connect plugin, on top of the Performer Monitor mixer, there is the “Record” row. Stereo Master is always recorded, other channels have the Record Enable botton. The volume and pan controls define the stereo mix.

individual tracks and folder and group are created in Cubase when you engage “Get (local) HD files” and recordings are placed precisely on those tracks.