VST Connect Pro 5.0.20 - Cubase 10.5

When I installed VST Connect Pro 5.0.20 to give it a try, the installer rolled-back Cubase’s VST Connect SE from 4.0.45 to 4.0.43. Then, I had to force 4.0.45 updater to do its job, because the auto-detect function did not.

Doriosypos - I understand that things didn’t update successfully (mac / pc ?)

Basically do you have a question or are you just reporting an issue you had ? I can’t say what happened on your update problem but people here will try to help if you let us know what you want.

Thanks for replying. I’m on pc and it’s just a report. I did manage to do the proper SE update. I didn’t know where to post this and I assumed that 5.0.20 installer caused some troubles.
P.S.: One of my favorite movies :wink:

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thanks :slight_smile:

It worked ok here (fortunately) did you download via the Download Assistant or via the webpage ?

I did notice that there might have been a glitch on the webstite version yesterday…might not be relevant…but may explain it.

onwards and upwards and thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

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Webpage was my source and I expected to see SE version updated but then I read the relevant post in this forum about SE 5 and Cubase 11. Cheers!

… yes, SE5 works only for Cubase/Nuendo 11. PRO5 works only with a full license 5.

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