VST Connect Pro 5.5.4 - ADR error (Post-roll)

I noticed an error. Setting the VST Connect Pro Post-roll: 02:00 = 00:00
When I start recording, it stops at the right locator. It won’t go on for two seconds.
For example, if I set it to 5 seconds, it goes on for three seconds.
However, when I exit VST Connect Pro, Post-roll in Nuendo works as expected.
Testing on Nuendo 10.3 and Windows 10.

Hi Soundhunter,

I guess you are working in the ADR context. Correct? That’s a bug inside Nuendo. We need to fix it there. But we won’t (and can’t) fix it for Nuendo 10.3, sorry.

A workaround : Add the Delay Time of VCON to your post-roll time. Then you are back to your wanted post-roll time.

See you

So it’s not even worth reporting bugs because they won’t be fixed anyway. Nuendo is a € 1,000 software, I think it’s a shame that the known bugs aren’t fixed in it. And even Nuendo version 10 is supported. In addition to Cubase, (I also bought Nuendo for ADR services only.)

Quite the opposite. Spork said “we need to fix it”, not “we will not fix it”.

This bug was not known before 10.3.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but we do achnowledge and fix bugs once they become known to us. And there’s also a workaround, so it seems a bit unfair.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood you. For VST Connect, bug fixes have always worked well. Congratulations on your work, exemplary!

Unfortunately, I have had experience with Nuendo software before that an error was not fixed because it was not the current version.

We’re experiencing a bug in vst connect pro 5.5.41 and Nuendo 12.0.52 within the ADR workflow.

When loop recording an ADR take, ADR text is only visible for the first pass of the loop. As soon as it repeats, the text disappears in the vst connect window (for both host and performer). The standard Nuendo video monitor still shows the text.

I have enabled the options for always showing adr text.

A second bug I found is that using local video playback, loop playback or recording causes the video to freeze at the end of the loop, the TC counter continues forward (past the loop region), while the audio loops as expected.

These 2 bugs make loop recording ADR with Vst connect impossible. Of course we just disable loop, but for some actors it is quicker to match a performance in loop mode.

Any input?

So far, there was no such report, but I guess that’s because most studios have a workflow w/o looping.

We will have a look at it, had a similar issue in a different product. Development can fix it soon, but it might take a while until a new version has made it through all other departments. We will inform you when we have news.