VST Connect Pro 5.6 released, moving to Steinberg Licensing

For those who have been waiting, VST Connect Pro 5.6 has been released today and is now on Steinberg Download Assistant. My voucher to move my licence from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing was waiting in My Steinberg.

The only listed change in the version history is the move to Steinberg Licensing. Note that version 5.6 does not support legacy eLicenser licences.

I expect an official Steinberg release announcement will follow soon.

The announcements were already published on the forum.

The first official announcement, the one in this forum, was posted less than an hour later than this post. I wouldn’t have bothered with this post if the official announcement was already up.

All that matters is to thank Steinberg for getting this done and that those who have been waiting for this release are able to migrate another licence over to Steinberg Licensing. VST Connect Pro 5 was the last licence that I was waiting to migrate, so I am now free of eLicenser.