VST Connect Pro 5 and Cubase 11 Crashes

I have upgraded from Cubase 10.5 Pro to Cubase 11. I was using VST Connect Pro 5 successfully in v10.5 Pro but in v11, Cubase Pro, I sometimes get Cubase crashes when retrieving HD files from the Performer side. I also have been experiencing “Destination File not open” errors when trying to download the HD files from the Performer. Lastly, some HD file downloads from the Performer side simply stall out without completing. All of these issues started with Cubase 11.

just moving to the VST connect forum - you’ll have more luck getting answers here

What version of VST connect Pro 5 are you using ? (mac or pc ?)

There shouldn’t be any difference in VST connect between c10.5 and c11. Are you able to go back to C10.5 and see if these problems disappear ?

Heya Dr Strangelove, I’m using a PC Windows 10 v2409 Ryzen 3900x CPU with 64Gb RAM and M2 Gen 4 SSD drives. These CB11 crashes happen when retrieving the HD files. It’s a total Cubase crash, and I lose everything from the last VST Connect take attempted. Frustrating.

do you get .dmp files created ?

and which version of VST connect ?