VST Connect Pro 5 -- Get Local files not working

Problem with Getting Local files
Description: I am unable to retrieve files recorded in VST Connect Performer using the Get Local Files function of VST Connect Pro 5. When I point to the folder with the files transferred manually from Performer, I get this error:

There were errors processing HD files. Some files may be missing or corrupt.

When I do the manual transfer, I copy ALL the files in the VSTConnectPerformer folder. I have checked that all the files in the source VSTConnectPerformer folder are transferred to the local folder.

Both sides of the connection are running the latest (and same) version of VSTConnect and both sides are running Win10. Using Dropbox to move the files.

It is a bug, which is already fixed but not released. You can find a workaround in my error report thread: Can't transfer nor import HD files

Note that said message does not necessarily mean that the action didn’t succeed. Check to see if all files are there anyway.
Unfortunately release of a new version is delayed again, sorry, we try as hard as we can. A lot of improvements have been made including all Get HD functions.