VST Connect Pro 5- Need to pay for upgrade from V4?

Hello everybody,

I’m a little confused.
I bought VST Connect Performer Pro in April 2020, when version 4 was the latest one.

Now version 5 is out. Is my license valid for V5 also? Or do I have to buy an upgrade?
On the E-Licenser it just says VST Connect Performer Pro, no version number is mentioned.

If I install the latest V5.0.20 package, the SE version works (Cubase Pro 11.0.10),
but if I want to start the pro version I get the message attached in the JPEG.

Usually I would expect a “no license found” error or something, if I have to purchase an upgrade. So I’m not sure If something is wrong with my installation, or I’m just missing the license for V5.

If I go back to Connect Pro 4.0.45, everything works as expected.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

vst connect error


… yes, the “setup” routine should tell you that it can not find any 5 license. Sorry. We’ll try to fix that for the next version.

Thank you,