VST connect pro 5 / performer : cannot see live streaming of producer's projet?

Hello all,

we use vst connect pro 5 and vst performer

our config : windows 10, latest update, cubase 11 pro. Steinberg sound card.

Everything is running smooth, but for some odd reason me (the performer) cannot see a live streaming of the tracks of the project ? i was told this was possible with vst connect pro5 / cubase 11 pro and performer ?

any ideas ?
thanks !

Not sure what you mean by ‘live streaming’; streaming video and audio is supported from Cubase/Nuendo to the VST Connect Performer application only.
Make sure to have configured video views. Do you see the video track in the VST Connect plugin view?

so the latest version now can display Engineer’s screen (or project view) on the performer side ?
Also as im a cubase user and not nuendo, can the ADR function on version 5.5 be somehow beneficial for cubase user’s(not necessarily for ADR)

Yes, you do benefit by beeing able to select views, show time (or bars/beats) and send any view (window) to the Performer.

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ok thanks, i wasn’t sure about the screen view sharing thing, didn’t see it i feature list or a youtube video.
i also asked a youtuber reviewing VC pro 5.5 about screen sharing and he replied there is no screen/view sharing so i thought that is not included in latest update