VST Connect Pro and real Session MTC/ Timecode


usually i’m used to use Session Link Pro. Since i’m very unsatisfied with the way it handles latency i’m new to VST Conncet.
After i test a lot, i’m happy so far.

what about MTC transmit to a voice talant?
I am use to have the session real TC (10:00:00:00) been transmited to the remote location.
In VST Connect, it always transmits the actual session time counted for the session start on.

I’m used to have a Sessionstart at (09:59:30:00), and the program starting at 10:00:00:00.
The MTC should deliver 10:00:00:00 the moment my cursor wents to that position in Nuendo 10. But it is not!
It actually came up at 00:00:30:00 … thats all wrong and not a real MTC!

What should i do to force VST Connect to transmit the real MTC?
Is there a way to tell VST Connect to use the session timecode insted of the session time?

I have the work around to start the session at 00:00:00:00 and still put all the AAF DAta as well as my video at 10:00:00:00.
VST Connect now came up with 10:00:00:00 at the right moment. But, all that is kind of clumsy and not very intuitive - i have 10 hours of silence in the session.

please, i need so help on this one.

I don’t have a specific solution, but wanted to make sure you saw this thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=221&t=184104&p=979652&hilit=MTC#p979652

Yes, thats Sounds exactly like the problem I have, too.
I don’t get it why they don’t use the proper MTC generated by Nuendo/ Cubase anyway. I could create an offset inside the synchronisation setup if needed.
Actually, why not have Vst connect as Midi input inside of the host nuendo and simply use the host (cubase/nuendo) MTC generator to feed VST Connect.
This way you would have full control over any parameter needed form the studio side.
Wouldn’t that be easy to implement?

“Wouldn’t that be easy to implement?” On the one hand, that is kind of how VST Connect works (call it MTC, or timecode), on the other hand it is far more complex than that and no, not easy :slight_smile:
But VST Connect does feature MTC and LTC output on the Performer side, and the Cubase/Nuendo Start Offset will be included in upcoming versions.

Hey musicullum,
thanks for you answer. Looking forward to that.
Are we gonna see that in the near future? At the moment I have to do a lot of work like that. So that function is very welcome!