Vst connect pro and what client sees

Im new to vst connect pro. I just want to know if there’s a way that my remote client can see my project window, arrangement and all, visually speaking. Sometimes this is useful when they’d like to direct me by seeing the parts(blocks) ie midi and wav blocks.

Not yet possible, but monitor display will be added in the next version.


And about when will the next version be released? :slight_smile:

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Latest info is that it should be out within this month.

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Thank you, this is very good news!

Project-Window show to Performer…

I use an easy way for this:
Install “ManyCam” - a free using tool, got in the web.
Start ManyCam and in “Video sources” add “prime screen” (or similar).
If you have more than 1 screen, select that one, you use Cubase normally.

Then, when you start Cubase and VST Connect Pro, go to the settings and in Video Device select “ManyCam Virtual Webcam”

Now the performer see your selected screen (with Cubase Project Window)!
(but now your webcam is not shown)

But it may not go in sync with the sound being played, so it is not suitable for displaying an ADR window in Nuendo.


maybe i don’t understand, why you mean, that it not go in sync…
Why not? - my performer says, it is in sync with the sound, he hear (and see) from my cubase playing …

It requires less precision when looking only at the project window, and much more precision when you swap a dialog box. You need precision so that no frame slips.
This option will be fulfilled in the new update and the Nuendo ADR will also be available. (Hopefully)

Hello, how long does the promised update last? This is what we are waiting for! Thanks for the reply!

This month is as much as we can say now, probably and hopefully around 20th. Still testing.

Hello! When is the update expected? Do you have new information? You promised the end of January first, then the twentieth of March. Thanks!

I did not and cannot promise anything, not empowered to do so.
Release is scheduled for April 23rd now, sorry for having to wait for so long. It should be worth the wait though :slight_smile:

I am patient and appreciate the work of the team. We have already spent many valuable hours with remote recordings. I only asked because I was curious. And it would be nice to share your Nuendo desktop with the Artist page … Thank you so much!

Thanks for your patience. You will be able to share your desktop and more.