VST Connect PRO crash and close Cubase!

Hi all,
I want to report something.
When I add a new channel in VST connect pro everything is ok.
When I delete a channel, VST Connect crashes and close Cubase completely, including VST Connect.

I want also to report that there are several sync issues, for example i cannot (from the studio) change the audio interface input (hardware input channel). My client can do that, but i can’t. Not always, but sometimes it happens…
Exactly the same problem is happening with the (blue) insert button (next to mute).

Fotis Moschos

a) thanks for reporting, we found the bug and it will be fixed with the next version.
b) changing the ports of the performer app should work just as if the Performer does it himself. Also tested insert button and it all works fine here. Pls. check again with the upcoming version.