VST Connect Pro doesn't work correctly


I purchased the VST Connect Pro for recording a session with a friend on deterrent studios, you know - covid19 times.
we manage to get to record and to connect with video but when I record him I hear him with a major latency -
the latency is only during the recording it self - after recording it is all on time. also when we record he hears my CB
on time on the vst performer. we have the latest cubase, VST Connect Pro, and vst connect performer. we both where on a cable connection to router.

can somebody help understand where is the problem? is it a bug? is there something we can do about it?

thank you and stay home all


Here is the VST Connect forum.

hi catonudo

how are you monitoring the performer ? you MUST not use the input monitor button on the channel. The monitoring is done via a plugin in the control room.

Are you using CONTROL ROOM ?

Can I ask you just check out the manual and also read the connectvst.com - you could also do yourself a big favour and download the latest beta from there too.

Post back if any of it isn’t clear. It can be quite daunting but when you get it working you’ll be just fine :slight_smile: