vst connect pro inserts

Hi, This software is all new to me but I am real excited about using the connect pro. I have purchased and installed Cubase 7.5 and vst connect pro. But I cannot get the connect pro to work at all. I have watched numerous setup videos on you tube but when I follow their instructions I keep getting hung up somewhere and cannot use it. I am now stuck at selecting the type vst inserts. In the video it tells me go to inserts and select vst connect se in the other selection. In my program you have distortion or dynamics selection only. The other selection with vst connect se or vst connect se cue mix is not there! Any ideas?
I cannot find a setup manual for the vst connect pro either. Just a general description book of what it does.
If I had a more descript operating manual I might be able to find wher I keep going wrong!

Hi Rob,
VST Connect Pro and SE can be found in the subfolder “network” in the insert plug-in list.

You can access the manual of VST Connect by clicking on the small “?” in the bottom right corner of the application.

This is the how VST Connect needs to be set up as described in the manual:

Setting up the Recording in Cubase

First you must set up a standard studio recording situation in Cubase/Nuendo. Refer to the Cubase/Nuendo Operation Manual for details. In this section, we mention only the steps required for setting up VST Connect Pro in Cubase/Nuendo.

1.Create a new input bus and name it TB/Performer.
2.Connect your studio talkback microphone to this input bus.

The TB/Performer input bus serves two purposes: it supplies the engineer’s talkback signals to the performer, and receives the performer’s signal for recording.

3.Create an audio track and name it Performer Rec.
4.Select the TB/Performer bus as the input source for this track.
5.Make sure that monitoring is set to Manual mode.
6.Record-enable the new track, but do not enable monitoring for it.
7.Create another audio track and name it Performer Mon.
8.Select the TB/Performer bus as the input source for this track.
9.Enable monitoring for this track, but don not record-enable it.
10.Create a group channel track and name it To Performer.

This is the cue mix to be sent to the performer. You would normally route this to an audio output connected to the studio headphones, but leave it on the main output for now.

Setting up the VST Connect CUE Mix Plug-in

11.In Cubase/Nuendo, set up the tracks to which you want the performer to perform. Route the sends on these tracks to the To Performer track.
12.Route the sends from the Performer Rec track – not the Performer Mon track – to the To Performer group track.
This allows the performer to listen to the recording.

The engineer can now hear the performer via the Performer Mon channel, punch
in and out, and modify the cue mix and any other settings in the usual way.

You can set up as many audio channels to record on as you require.

Setting up the VST Connect CUE Mix Plug-in

1.Insert the VST Connect CUE Mix plug-in on the To Performer track.
2.Lower the volume of this track to zero, but do not mute it.

The VST Connect CUE Mix plug-in sends the cue mix stream to the performer.

Setting up the VST Connect Pro Plug-in

1.Insert the VST Connect Pro plug-in in the TB/Performer input channel.
The plug-in interface opens.
2.Enter a name in the User Name field in the top right, and click Log In.

The name of the Log In button changes to Log Out. The name of the User Name
field changes to Key. The Key field shows a code made up of two blocks of
numbers, separated by a space.

Setting up VST Connect Performer

VST Connect Performer is used on the side of the performer to be recorded.

1.Download VST Connect Performer from the Steinberg web site.
2.Install the VST Connect Performer application on the performer’s computer and launch it. Do not start Cubase/Nuendo or other audio applications.
3.In the VST Connect Performer window, enter a name in the Your Name field.

Thank you Matthias, I have set some of it up but the rest is beyond me right now. I am a live performer in a band and analogue recording has always been my game. I just purchased Cubase 7.5 recently because of the great write ups on it. The vst connect pro was purchased to actually help me work on and record new material with my guitarist who lives 1.5 hrs away and my drummer who lives 2 hrs away. I have the basics to set up and record channels through my Yamaha n12 but this will take a while. Do you know of any Cubase support people around my area. I live 1.5hrs north of Toronto. I really need to get this running and someone to guide me a bit to start?

Hi Matthias, I had a sound engineer friend come over to help me with this problem. He reloaded the software in 64 and 32 bit. Checked all liscence activation and spent a ton of time retrying stuff to get the plugins to work but no luck. The plugins are located in program files/steinberg/cubase 7/vst-3. But you cannot get them in the software or see them at all.
When you load up the Cubase 7.5 and temp[late the vst connect pro you get two error messages.
Cubase Artist Warnings (Monday, May 26, 2014)
On loading: C:\Users\Rob\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7_64\Project Templates\VST Connect PRO.cpr

The plug-in “VST Connect PRO” could not be found for Insert 1 Channel “InputChannel”!
The plug-in “VST Connect SE Cue Mix” could not be found for Insert 1 Channel “Group 1”!
Any ideas as to what it might be?
Dazed now and confused,

Hi Rob,

Are you on Cubase Artist?

VST Connect Pro requires Cubase 7! In the Artist version the plug in doesn’t show up.

Please send me a PM and I am sure we will find a solution.

Yes I am on Cubase artist. I was told by Steinberg that there was no problem running the vst pro on the artist version. I am going to upgrade to the full version in a couple of months after my wedding. Couldn’t afford the whole package right now because I had to buy a new computer as well.
My e-mail is robertbriggs@rogers.com
Thank you

You think so do you? First wife then I assume? Lucky you got the new Compi in under the wire.
Seriously all the best.

Hi Matthias
Ok so I am back at this now and cannot seem to get the vst pro connect to work. I have set up as per the manual and added the mixer channels I wish to be able to use.
Is there any way to test the setup as I keep getting Studio with key ------not logged in?
Obviously I am still missing something!

Hi Rob,
Were you able to get VST Connect Pro to work. I’m considering getting it a wanted some user feedback.

No not yet. It is not the easiest thing to set up. Definitely not plug and play. But I have read great reviews in three different magazines on it. Not giving up yet!

Could it be that you try to run the Performer and Cubase on the same computer? That doesn’t work.
There must be 2 computers involved. One is the Performers’ computer (or iPad) and the other is the engineers’ computer running Cubase.
When not running on a local network, the engineer clicks the login button and gets a number (a key) in the text field. He tells the Performer that number and then the Performer types that number in his login field and clicks connect. It has to be exactly this number (with a blank (space) between the 2 groups of numbers). The message “Studio with key xxxx xxx not logged in” means exactly that and is only displayed in the Performer app.
When running on a local network (only works with the PRO version), the Performer should see a green LAN button next to the login field, provided Cubase with the activated VST Connect PRO version is up and running. Just click the green LAN button and select the displayed IP address to connect.

Does that help?

I was trying performer on my I-phone. They do have the app but maybe its not good enough to run. I don’t know anyone in this area to link to so I will try to get a buddy in Newmarket area to load it so I can try it out. Hence the reason I wanted it in the first place, so I could work with some people who live too far away to jam or write with!
Thanks will try this out.