VST Connect Pro is creating MANY HD files

I’m using v4.0.45.514 in Cubase 11 Pro.

During my session with my remote singer, two things happened when it came time to Get HD Files:

  1. There were SO MANY duplicate files. One vocal take would result in as many as 75 identical WAV files, each named with a suffix _4, _5, _6, _7, etc., and each of these files had to be transferred.
  2. Transfers would error after each set of duplicate files for a given take, with error messages “receive file wrong filesize” and then “receive file not open”.

This was a real drag. Not only did it make the file transfer go on forever, but it’s going to be an editing nightmare to make sure I have one good file of each take in my project.

What gives?

You should most definately update to version 5.5.2.

Except I don’t need any of the features added with version 5.

It may be that you don’t need the features but you may indeed benefit from the bug fixes from the version suggested. It may solve your issue. Got to be worth a try and could have been what @musicullum was pointing you towards.

Thanks, @SteveBee. I’ve been talking it through with @musicullum and I’m going to be trying out the newest version.


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