VST Connect Pro - metronome loses tempo, drops out, audio glitches

As the drummer is recording, everything starts off great. After about 4 bars, the metronome starts glitching - it can’t keep time. This also happens on my end as well, and the audio glitches (sounds like a piece is missing, then stitched back together).
We plugged in ethernet cables directly to the router and the issue still persists. We have the lowest bandwidth settings - we even turned off the video cameras.
If we aren’t recording, he can play and I can monitor him perfectly fine. It comes through without any glitches at all. But as soon as I hit record and the metronome is included, he’ll start playing…it seems like it’s all good…and then within 20 seconds, it skips and the audio glitches.

What’s your experience with VST Connect Pro with the metronome and glitching?

Solved - I moved the location of the performer’s locally stored files to a different drive and it seems to have solved the issue.